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Our precious metal prices are calculated sales prices. They contain smelting costs, costs for alloying, recycling costs of any residues, 19 % VAT. as well as our trading range. They cannot be compared to the quotes of fine gold like you can't compare the Rotterdam crude oil price to the sales prices of gasoline at the gas station.


Wedding ring courses

(One day, until the rings are finished)
per pair: 199,00 € (weekend)
per pair: 149,00 € (weekdays)

1 - day courses by arrangement

(These courses are available with vouchers of Mydays, Jochen Schweizer and Jollydays!)
per person: 110,00€ 

Individual courses

Further, individually tailored courses on request. Please contact us.


*Wedding ring cours

Included in the price is an engraving of both rings with date and name made with machine in block letters and a tarnishing ped for retarnishing and a wedding ring box. We don't charge the Gold solder you need for soldering the rings. It's approximately the same amount as the rasp that falls into the leather whilst working (and is not refundable!). In addition to the course fee you have to pay for material costs, i.e. all material you use. The billing is done according to consumption.

In the wedding ring courses we charge for two rings

A name and date in numbers: 30 €
Two names and date in letters: 45 €
Other, longer texts
(e.g. Michael & Susanne, 16. September 2010):
60 €
Signature with date in handwriting: 60 €
Outside engravings after expenditure (lt. KV of Handengraving): from 38 €
Engraving of special characters by hand as follows: from 5 €
Gravur Ringe Gravur Herzen Gravur Doppelherz Gravur Undendlich Gravur Und  Gravur Sonne  
Fingerprint engraving outside: 190 €
Fingerprint engraving inside: 100 €
Laser engraving inside or outside: from 90,00 € per Ring
Script engravings:
Gemstone enchase (per gem): 14,00€
All other forms: 35,00 €
Tension ring: from 40,00 €
Workup after edging: 20,00 € per Ring
Diamonds depending on the size and shape: from 24,00 €
Form cost per precious metal wire (each different profile/width): 10,00 €
Delivery of the rings (to a company): 12,00 €
Delivery of the rings (to the owners address): 15,00 €
Lunch (according Pizza list): ca. 7,00 €



We work in the workshops with:

  • 585 Yellow Gold
  • 585 Rose Gold
  • 585 White Gold
  • 750 Yellow Gold*
  • 750 Rose Gold (more rose-coloured) *
  • 750 White Gold (12% Palladium) *
  • 900 Yellow Gold
  • 950 Platinum/Wolfram


* These alloys can be offered as "fair trade". Additional charge 25 € per gram.

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